Monday, June 16, 2008

Hail to Javex

Sometimes it takes the very ordinary to make something beautiful. Good-quality black paper and household bleach. Dip your rubber stamp in the bleach and stamp away. Wait a few minutes for the bleach to dry. This is what happens. I touched up the eggs with colored pencils.


  1. That is so cool!
    I will try this myself.
    Thanks Colette!

  2. This looks so good! I love the little birds you have there. They look totally adorable.

    You can also do some really neat things with bleach on photos. If you put bleach on a dark part of the photo, it will turn red - to orange - to yellow - to white (depending how long you leave it on before wiping it off. I have been playing with that a lot lately.

  3. Oh, Colette~thanks for the tip. And, the little birdies are just the cutest things~xoxox

  4. Love this technique Colette. When I have used it I was told to pour some bleach onto a piece of folded paper towel and then press your stamp into the a treat. Thanks for sharing these birdies and eggs. Love what you have done.

  5. Wow! This is neat. I am going to try this. xoxo Nita

  6. I really love these bleach babies. Very YOU!


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