Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wax Art Pieces

Continuing on with Hanne's lessons, I got more wax and made these packets. One of them has a real love letter and photo in it. I used beeswax, which also has a lovely scent while you're working.

I had one problem: too much wax on the fabric. So I ironed it to high heaven to make it more transparent so the contents show through. My little Dover iron got a huge workout, but I suppose I could get a cheap iron and use that.

I also tried waxing paper. It gives the paper an almost glassy feel and finish. Very nice.


  1. Your creativity is a constant... amazing current within you. This is fabulous Colette! This has that aged look of the old glassine packets and yet is very modern which I like! Timeless. xxxooo

  2. Anonymous1:49 p.m.

    It has been SO exiting (and exhausting to be honest!) to arrange and describe step-by-step these wax-treatments for the Somerset Workshop.

    But to teach a subject and then see the ideas adopted - and transformed - by an artist like you, it really makes it worth while! It´s a very satisfying feeling. Thanks Colette!

  3. Colette, These packages are so beautifully wrapped. I would feel blessed to receive such a a present like these in the mail! And~what is inside~well that would be SWEET!

  4. I wish I had the nerve to work with beeswax and I wonder how it smells! I love your latest work!


  5. I just flipped through that article last night - making a mental note that I've got to try this wax business...you've done a great job with it...thanks for sharing!


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