Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Karen's mini class and two recent jewelry sales have really buoyed me. I've been going through my treasures and making them into jewelry. This antique shoe clip has been waiting for more than a year to be used, and when I came across this chain, I knew the two would go together beautifully.

This amber-colored watch chain fob has been with me for years and years. It only took a little inspiration and now, along with a little Victorian bead-button, it's become a necklace.

Everyone should have a sideline. This is mine, and I'm enjoying it tremendously!


  1. Colette, they're gorgeous!!! I love your combinations ~ love the vintage feel ~ so wish I had some extra money!! xxoo, Dawn

  2. Simply lovely...Is that your neck modeling? You have the skin of a 25 year old! hugs...

  3. Thank you Dawn!

    Jenny, yes it's my non-so-swanlike neck! Thank you for the compliment.

  4. Colette~It will get in you and no soap will wash it out! Take it from me, and my room filled with beads, chains, wire, and ......
    Love it!

  5. Oh Colette, you're a such a creative whirling dervish! Love the Victorian button bead necklace.

  6. Lovely work, Colette! xo


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