Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Good Things

My latest birdie is dressed in white silk and a green spring bonnet! She's keeping Martha's doll company until she leaves for Texas on Thursday.

Let me begin with the weather. For the first time this year, I was able to go out in just a light jacket, wearing my Keds. Look Ma, no socks! I was able to open all the windows and let the air in. I was able to stop and listen to the incessant chattering of birds.

I was delighted to hear that my flock of birds made it safely to The Plumtree. I am so jazzed about my little tweeties being there -- you have no idea!
I opened a shop at DaWanda (see the sidebar at left); it's similar to Etsy, but it's free to list and, more important, it exposes me to Europe. I had to convert prices to Euros and use metric for measurements, but I quickly got the hang of it. Now I just hope items will sell.

I had afternoon tea with two of my former colleagues, and that was really pleasant. I hope to be dropping in regularly. I really thrive on the contact, and I want to keep these friendships. After running a few errands in town, I came home, and made a few more things. I really should get started on packing my bag for my little trip, and wrapping several big canvasses to take onboard with me. I had my sister and nephew choose a few of my paintings, and they were happy to do so. It's wonderful when your family really likes your work.


  1. Have a fun, fun, happy, relaxing visit in Texas! FYI.I was watching the weather channel as Dh was scheduled to go to Texas today... On THURSDAY nasty weather is forecast for Dallas area all the way up north tornado nasty I mean tornadic. sigh. Also..American airlines has cancelled 350 flights nationwide for maintenance. The US air system is in an upheaval again ( what's new?) Just be know all about this kind of airline stuff though. You sound really happy today! Love, J

  2. Have a wonderful trip! I'll miss you on Friday -- but soon my life will settle down again...... and we'll have tea. I miss that.....
    p.s I love that apron!


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