Saturday, March 08, 2008


Snow happening here. As in blizzard. That puts paid to my dinner plans for this evening.

My white work is trying to summon warmer days.... at the very least, snowless days. For now, I'll just have to pretend.
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  1. Wow - a blizzard in March! But your work has its own warmth! xo

  2. Is this weather unusual for Toronto? It seems late to be getting blizzards. ( I shouldn't jinx by saying week we could get a foot of snow. Who knows?) Love your winter/summer whites! I like the way you incorporated the aged paper. :) Stay safe and warm hon!

  3. A lot of snow is happening all over the place! I used to live in West Virginia and we had snow in April! however: here in the Southland it is spring . are everywhere! It is hard to imagine that folks are covered in feets of snow,(Feets?)In a couple more monhs it will be sweltering and unbearable here!

  4. What pretty work. I hope this finds you a bit warmer!

    OWOH was really such great fun. Sending you good thoughts and a thank you for entering my drawing.

  5. I cannot begin to imagine what a blizzard is like! sometimes in winter, when I have my fire going, I sit and pretend there is a blizzard outside... sad but true :)


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