Monday, March 10, 2008


We did go out to dinner after all. What's a little snow between friends? Terroni's was crowded as usual and I splurged (or rather my friend splurged, since he had invited me) and had panna cotta for dessert. Today it is blindingly sunny.

I made this for a special person who has been supporting my work right from the start when I went public on eBay. When you open it up, there's a little surprise inside! Painting on muslin is messy because the paint seeps onto the other side so you have to hang the pieces up for both sides to dry, but I do like the effect.


  1. this is very lovely!! Maybe if we all start doing a spring dance it will come sooner!! I'm pretty tired of all this cold and snow too!

  2. Oh this is is so neat! Have you tried gessoing the muslin first? I do that on my muslin dolls when I paint them! It doesn't soak through then.

  3. this is very it alot.


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