Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunny Saturday

Mother's day art quilt available on eBay.

I am in thrall to my sewing machine. I've combined fabric collage, paint, canvas, sewing...all of my favorite things!

Now this is finished, I am going out into the sunshine to get some groceries. I'm cooking dinner for a friend this evening. But first I must tidy up. It's amazing how much thread and other detritus accumulates on the floor when working with fabric.

Yesterday I dropped off my rubber stamps at BizzyB for today's sale. I did my paperwork there and chatted with Daniza and Barb and others. Somehow the subject of my sis and family in Texas came up, and the fact that my BIL is a soccer coach, which led to names, and when I said his name, Barb's (who is originally from London) jaw dropped. Wasn't he big in the 70s? she asked. Yes, he was. Still is -- he is listed in the soccer "Greats". And his son is a very gifted player too, but right now he is in the modelling biz. Dear Barb, she seemed to like that even better!!


  1. I love this piece, so sweet. It reminds me of a Mother protecting her children.

  2. this piece is very sweet. i am happy you had a good time with your friends. love nita

  3. Just surfin' the blogs and stopped by to say hello!

    Great Blog!! I love your art!


  4. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time creating and socialising! xo

  5. that mother looks exactly like my daughter at this very moment.. very tired but complete!! xoox


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