Friday, November 23, 2007

What do you see through your lens?

I've been bitten by the bug to use my own photography in my work. Last night I played around with taking photos of me. No two people who take the same photo take the same photo....we all have the same camera, but we all see the subject differently. So, this is how I see myself.

How do you see yourself?


  1. Oh how beautiful you are....that smile and look of joy says it all!
    I wanted to say I LOVE all the various art you've been doing. I like that arch shape.
    Sending love and hugs,

  2. I echo Lisa above....just amazed by all your work, always! I love this picture of are so inspiring in all that you do!

  3. You are cute as a button! This self photo is magnifique! Fun FUN!! .ps: I am ready to go back to the retreat and LIVE..haha!

  4. Colette~~That photo is amazing of you!! I LOVE that shot..couldn't be more perfect~~not could my Journal that I got back home yesterday!!!!! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE iT!!!! Especially that wonderfully sweet little addition in the back cover xxooxxoo You are Simply wonderful to me! Love to you my friend~ Tracy xxoo

  5. What a wonderful, happy photo of you, Colette! xo

  6. There you are!!! Dolce Vita! Sparkle and fine vintage champagne is what I see in this picture of you...gorgeous.

  7. this is exactly how i picture you, too!


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