Saturday, November 24, 2007

November challenge

My Extraordinary Mixed Up Media art group met last night and, as usual, I enjoyed myself tremendously. The challenge we were given by Madame Napoleon (lest you think otherwise, this is a term of endearment) was a doily that we had to use in a piece of art. While some extraordinary things were created, mine served as a background. Dawn's face (not actually her face, but her rubber stamp) got festooned, as did Catherine Moore's dress and shoes.
I had thought of cutting the doily in half and turning it into a valkyrie-type bra sculpture thing, but in the end I went with this "discombobulation".
Girls, you are extraordinary! Thank you!


  1. Hello! I looked into the ATC group at Bizzy's and I will definitely be there on the 14th. Hope to see you there. I will be bringing 3 ornaments for the exchange as well. I mentioned you in my blog so come and visit! Your mixed media group sounds like fun as well. Were you referring to Carmi as Napoleon? TTYS

  2. Oh boy! What a fun time you girls must have had! Love the crazy collage! Would you puh leaze send some of your creativity energy to me!

  3. three words: fab u luz

  4. I knew this one was yours...I just love it, especially the dress and face.


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