Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November Rain

Thanks to my friend Jen in Nova Scotia for explaining this shape for me (it makes sense, Jen, thanks xo)

The whole day has been wet and grey. I've spent a lot of it at my computer checking out my website with an online support person. I haven't been able to publish updates for several days and after checking everything, it turns out that some of my extensions on the remote site have been corrupted. So I'm having to back up my files and when I'm ready, they will re-set everything.
On the bright side, I finished an urgent piece of translation work, and didn't have to go out. In two hours, however, I will have to go out in the grey wetness to get to the dance studio. Olé!

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  1. I love the arch shape. Maybe it represents Spirit because it's kind of cathedral-like.


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