Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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"Mais où sont les neiges d'antan?" Anyone who went to French school knows this poem by 15th-century poet François Villon. I was one of them. Imagine my surprise, when I grew up and went to (an English-speaking) university and found it part of the curriculum. Sylvie and I had a definite advantage in taking French as part of our course!

Les neiges d'antan means the snows of yesteryear.


  1. Clever the circular lace looks like snowflakes, snow of yesteryear!

  2. this is so spirited.
    happy thanksgiving, lovey.

  3. This is marvelous! It really captures play and winter. Your sewing really inspired me, Colette!

  4. The snows of yesteryear! How very poetic! your collage is beautiful and just put me in the Christmas spirit..even tho it is warm and humid here!

  5. This is lovely and poetic! xo


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