Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Working Day

[Pillow available in my Etsy shop]

I copy-edited a French publication; completed and emailed a medical translation; and made a whole bunch of things that I listed on eBay. No turkey and trimmings for me; I made do with a salad and a vegeburger. Oh, and my favorite frozen yogurt (President's Choice).

And that was my day. I feel I accomplished a lot, but I'm feeling guilty for not doing housework.

Don't forget to vote on Wednesday, Ontario!


  1. You have been busy! I love the collages! Could you send some of your creative energy down my way? Happy belated thanksgiving! uh..I quit feeling guilty about MY undone housework..heheh..

  2. Oh honey sounds like a good day! Happy belated Thanksgiving and I give thanks for YOU and your creativity, goodness and friendship everyday! We don't need the turkey and cranberries for that! The salad, vegeburger and yogurt sounds perfect! ( and much healthier) xxxooo

  3. A great idea for envelopes......I might use it :-)

  4. love your recipe for peace!

    and these fabric collages are delightful!

    xox - eb.


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