Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday, by Mercury!

A couple of new eBay listings, and I must go across the road and vote in our Provincial elections. I still haven't made up my mind for my referendum answer, however.
Then I must take care of a headache. There's a huge black cloud, in the middle of a blue sky, that's causing it.

Be well, be safe!


  1. This is fantastic, and your pillow down below is so very cool!! I've never seen one like it, I love it!

  2. Hi Colette! I received the beautiful buttons in the mail and I love them so much!! And your piece of artwork...gorgeous! Thank you so very much. I posted about you today...xxoo, Dawn (please let me know when you receive your package)

  3. Such a pretty collage! The fabric flowers are darling! Good for you for voting!!!

  4. that is so dang precious
    that it could almost make
    me believe in love. :)

  5. Hope that black cloud has gone and that your head is better.


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