Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday's child

[textile art (c) colette copeland]

New listings on eBay! Also some listings that have a couple of days to go and no bids -- just watchers.

I learned something about eBay. I had been wondering why there were so many watchers on an item, yet the item would expire without any bids.... an eBay seller let it slip that she was watching my listings to see how they would do. That's OK by me, really, but it gave me false hope. Myself, I don't "watch" an item unless I intend to bid, because I don't want to give the seller false hopes -- it's my practice to do unto others etc. It would be so nice if it were reciprocated.

ADDENDUM: I should have mentioned that I make allowances for 2-3 people, because I assume there are friends/buyers watching, maybe haven't made up their mind, etc. It's the other 5 or 8 and more watchers who mystify me....

Have a sweet day!


  1. A lovely art piece - and maybe sometimes the watchers just get busy and forget to bid! xo

  2. fwiw, I usually watch an item when it's gone above my price range to see what I *might* have gotten it for if I weren't so cheap! lol

  3. I am guilty of this...thanks for the heads up hon! I honestly forget sometimes..but that is no excuse. This is people's business and livelihood. I value and cherish your honesty Colette...amoung so many good things about you! xxxooo

  4. I keep forgetting to EVEN GO t oeBAY! Sheesh! I opened an etsy account and haven't even used it ! Congrats on your new spot!


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