Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Word for Today

[illustration (c) colette copeland]


I treated myself to not one but two pains au chocolat from Patachou.

I reached for the last little brioche, when a woman came up and grabbed it. She was much, much bigger than me and her eyes were a little glazed as she grabbed food from everywhere, so I said nothing. Instead I took a second pain au chocolat.

Have a delicious day!


  1. Amazing how some people behave when they're hungry! Glad you enjoyed your pain au chocolat.

  2. Look out for Large people with glazed eyes going for pastries! HA HAH! Once again I am bee-hind in my blogalogging! Uh.. I smelled chocolat and found my way here!!!

  3. Adorable picture! Be very afraid when standing at a pastry counter...always watch their eyes...lol. ( especially if one is very petite like you are Colette) The pain au chocolat sounds divine. xxxooo

  4. Ooooh, you naughty, *naughty* girl! Two chocolate pains!! I hope you had room for your tea! Yeah, I would've shied away from saying anything to that big scary woman! It is not easy to be brave when you're just a small animal, as Piglet would say!
    Hugs, Charlotte x

    PS I've got a new blog - the last one, I promise, LOL!

  5. Some days are for self-pampering. You did right to eat two :-)

  6. yummmm~sounds so delicious Colette~love the illustration!

  7. how lovely your sweet comment to me was...and how nice that you have added me onto your amazing blogroll..i am humbled by all the company i am in! thank you for making my day today! your blog is just wonderful as are YOU!

  8. He hee...I must admit I laughed at the image of the woman with the glazed eyes reaching for the brioche. Sounds like no one was going to come between her and it!


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