Monday, September 17, 2007

This and that

(artwork (c) Colette Copeland - on eBay)
* The publisher of the book my fabric pieces are in tells me the book advertised in CPS is not the one I'm in. The one I'm in is being published next summer. At least now I have a time frame. I'll post details as I get them.

*I've donated a painting for the Hope Sees a Star Memorial Project auction, the memorial for Stevie and Brianna. I will post details when I have them, as well as a photo of my painting.

*We had a cold snap and now we're embarking on an Indian summer. Very pleasant.

*Back to work: it is staring at me in the face!

Have a peaceful day!


  1. You've been posting so many gorgeous pieces lately. Girlfriend, I think you're on a roll!

  2. staring you in the face?
    girl... better that
    than biting you in the butt!

    am so loving your newest creations, girlita.

  3. Such a lovely piece. Enjoy your work! xo


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