Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Direct from Ireland

Whenever I go to Ireland, I buy a mug or two from my favorite pottery lines. This one is by Nicholas Mosse, a half-mug size which I prefer.
My sister-in-law Lorna got me a loaf of brown bread fresh from the bakery -- we had to let it cool before packaging -- to take home, and I got two more loaves at the airport which I threw into the freezer and am enjoying slice by slice.
This is what I would eat in the middle of the night in Ireland, when my stomach, which was still in Toronto, needed food... There is nothing on earth like Irish bread.


  1. How wonderful that you brought a taste of Ireland home with you! Lovely mug as well. xo

  2. Perfectly lovely mug and bread! :)

  3. I love those hearty whole grain breads, so much substance. I'll take mine with some butter please.

  4. is that an irish soda bread? looks yummy, much like my banana bread, served with ricotta, walnuts & honey!

  5. I worked for an Irish owned company and the CFO would tell me about his love for Irish brown bread. I've had it but can't remember where. I am a bread lover(my downfall) so anything without nuts in it, I'll try!
    That looks like a lovely treat....I wish I could join you and hear all your stories from the visit.
    I've missed communicating!

  6. I haven't had Irish soda bread in ages and ages. That an some tea somes perfect about this time of night Alas, no soda bread.


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