Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Weekend

The weather has been cooperating by getting a little cooler, although the rain they keep forecasting and that we need still hasn't arrived. I've cleared my list of Things to Do, and I'm now cleaning, tidying, and the suitcase is out. My method is this: I pull out my suitcase a few days before my trip, and throw in things I come across that I will need to take.

I've been blessed with orders from my Etsy shop and website these last couple of days. I am so grateful, since I will be losing money from my freelance job while I'm gone. It also keeps me focused on my goal of becoming a full-time artist.

Another treat was receiving my order from Jamie of Art-e-ology on Etsy. I ordered some wonderful paper supplies for my next batch of work, and I am very happy. Old paper makes me giddy and Jamie has some of the best....thank you, Jamie!


  1. Hi Colette! Boy, I have been a slack blogger these days! Trying to catch up! You must be so excited to go on your trip! should be a FULL time artist with all the beautiful pieces you create!

  2. Love the sneak peek you put on the above post Colette! Sorry you got a awful spam comment though. Some people eh?

    I especially love the zetti girl peaking out from behind.


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