Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Full Day

I did the most important errands on my list, and I feel positively giddy! Not only that, I went to flamenco class as well. Today there will be more things to do on my list, lunch with some friends, then back to my work table; I intend to create for the next few days, so that when I get back I'll be able to update my eBay auctions.

My necklace is taking shape: I added two antique rhinestone buttons, a fragment of an old child's rosary from France and a disco ball. I love these disco balls but I'm having trouble finding them. The whole idea of the necklace is to attach my favorite little baubles I pick up at the flea market. The chain looks "silver" in the photo, but it's actually more of a bronze color.

Have a pretty day!


  1. erika tysse7:17 a.m.

    Finished your "to do" list and still had time to dance? I'm impressed!

  2. I love the idea of your necklace!
    and I will have a pretty day, thankyou xo I hope yours is pretty too!

  3. I am giddy that you are giddy! The necklace makes me swoon! Beautiful! I can see this on you against a simple black sweater. Beautiful. You have such elegant, pretty taste! xxxooo

  4. Have a wonderful time C..and I adore your new creation!

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