Thursday, June 21, 2007

So it's officially summer

And summer begins with a....barometric headache. I took the Advil too late; the headache is just sitting there until the barometric pressure decides to do something to relieve it. Usually my headaches predict rain.

Have a headache-free day!


  1. hello darling girl- mmm let me think? ok you need to take a warm bath with girly oils in it say lavender and maybe rose, and then you need to put your self back to bed for a little sleep, i hope when you wake you feel much jo.

  2. Oh dear, so sorry to hear you have one of those headaches again. I so hope the barometric pressure changes soon and gives you some relief!
    In the meantime that painting is outstanding!!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better this evening. Has it rained yet? I have heard rose oil helps headaches. Your birdie canvas is so pretty! Sending you healing thoughts...xxxooo

  4. Love the birdy - hope your headache lifts soon! xo

  5. I've had a headache for two days too.. barometric headache? hmm.. I've never thought of that... I wonder..?


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