Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Sometimes we have to be patient, and even take a step back, so that someone else can get to where they need to be in their own time.
[Just sharing something I learned and I believe is valuable.]


  1. Ahhh..very wisely the tealeaves, perhaps? From the lovely teacup?

  2. I know what you mean. Somehow when we step back we end up giving ourselves more mental room, and that's a good feeling.

  3. you are wise - very wise and I love you very much xoxo

  4. Sometimes we can very easily get in our own way as well.
    This was a wise lesson learned dear Colette!

  5. ursday, June 21, 2007
    need y'alls help darlings

    I have 4 artist who wont to start a thing on ebay with outr own name so that folks can type it in and will look just for our work?any ideas.susgestions?they were wonting a mixture of art,not just altered or folk art,quilters ect ect.anyone wont to do this?xxoo

  6. a very valuable lesson indeed. I have an almost 20 yr old and I am learning that very thing...


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