Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday thoughts

Last night I looked back. I wanted to take stock. I realized that I had gone from a fearless teenager to a fearful woman, and had stayed that way for many years. It was no mystery: tragedies and cruelties had taken their toll, and at one [blessedly brief] time, I lived in constant fear of everything and for good reason. It was a vicious circle. Because I was fearful, I chose the wrong people, who in turn hurt me one way or another.

I didn't see a bright light or hear thundering voices: My voyage out of the fear was gradual, my innate stubborness propelling me towards something better. I learned to hear and listen to my intuition and the more I did that, the stronger it got. My intuition had been working fine all along -- it's just that I did not trust it [me]. It has never steered me wrong. I don't always listen to it but only in minor things, and I'm remedying that! You have to trust yourself before you can proceed.
Be well. Be safe. Be happy.


  1. Wise & beautiful words from a wise and very beauitful woman! xxxooo

  2. Colette your post is very moving and true. Trust yourself sweetie. Thank you for this.
    Love, Jamie

  3. i like how you think on a saturday.

  4. Very wise words, my friend - especially timely today with another reminder that life is so short and fragile, as a blogging sister died unexpectedly. In my own experience, it's only when I've gone against my instincts that I made the worst mistakes. xo

  5. This resonates so strongly for me - you have expressed something that I have been unable to be clear about - thank you

    xox - eb.

  6. mmm- take care- look , think and do what your heart is feeling and think what your mind is saying.


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