Saturday, June 16, 2007

My friend Dawn [ ] is offering some aprons that I really love because they are so my style....have a look and you'll see why! If I get one, I think I'll never take it off.

Way to go, Dawn!


  1. oooh, sweetcheeks.
    i am so glad that you found them.
    i love mine...i wear them all of the time, too.

    thank you for the plug, chica.

  2. Ha ha..I just saw your comment on my Bastille Day post! Wow! What was I thinking! Geepers, I went around all day saying Bon jour and merci and I ate a Croissant! I am laughing at my self! You are the only one who caught it! So ..I can do it all over again on JULY 14! Merci! Bon Jour!

  3. Oh my those are adorable aprons! Certified apron addict here...thanks for the heads up on your friend's cool site and aprons. You would look fabulous in the "sarah" one! :) The "housewench" is calling my name ;)...xxxooo


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