Saturday, June 02, 2007

The captive and the free

[available in my etsy shop]
The colors were inspired by some antique tiles, so I mixed some blues and a touch of green and painted this. The original is rich and vibrant, something my camera can't seem to pick up! Plus, the edges are pixelated. Still, you get the idea...
Have a happy day.


  1. darling Colette, I've gone back and looked at your wonderful art and everything is, as always, a great feast for the eyes. There is soul in everything you do. I LOVE the colors in this last one...if that WERE an actual tile I'd want them in my home!

  2. Lisa O said it...there is soul in all your art! I love this painting! ..Also your post from yesterday! I too love salads and love to create new ones! I a mknown as the Salad Queen! I bring them ato all the potluck dinners!

  3. Beautiful and yes...soulful. There's this peaceful energy in everything you do. Love you!

  4. So lovely, in my favourite colours! xo

  5. Nice work Colette! i think you have used some phtalo blues and greens...colors that sing! (like the bird!)


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