Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend doings

Souvenir de Marie, first in a new series using authentic vintage photos and old millinery flowers. Hoarding can only last so long!


  1. Hello Colette
    j'adore cette composition : elle est splendide !!! - je cherche aussi sur les brocantes de vieilles photos fin XIXe et aujourd'hui, j'en ai trouvées ...

  2. Tee HEE! I have to laugh, because...I know exactly what you mean about hoarding! I have old pics and ephemera ....I always say..Gee. I need to use these, but somehow I can't bring myself to part with them! Your collage is so pretty...maybe I will make a collage and Keep it ! ha!

  3. Anonymous10:19 a.m.

    i love this piece, especially the background.

  4. THis is so elegante! You have inspired me cherie to go through my grandmother's ephemera...I am finding some things I never noticed before by looking at thim with open "eyes" if that makes any sense. I feel somehow that my kin are looking me to be a keep of their flame. I found 2 pictures of my G. G. G. G. Grandfather Harrison from Wales!!! Long white beard and all! It makes my heart leap in my chest. Love to you. xxxooo

  5. this is really lovely, Colette!


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