Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friday night, I dropped into BizzyB's to meet Martha and pick up some collage supplies, and met some of the Friday ATC gang. I had no ATCs but they let me join them anyway, these fun and generous women. I couldn't stay long because of a prior commitment but it did make me realize that I need to get out more. [See you in June, ladies!]

Today was a day of actually getting everything done on my To-Do list.
And getting a good walk.
And making some ATCs and a quiltie.
I was about to do an extra day's grocery shopping because of the Monday holiday, when a passing acquaintance told me the long weekend is next weekend, not this one. The Big One, the first weekend holiday of the Warm Season, when those who can, go off to open their cottages up in the Muskokas or wherever.
It's just as well; the weather's taken a cold turn. Typical. It will give you a glorious taste of sun, cool breezes, warmth, the freedom of going out in one layer only and bare legs, and then...a shot of cold air before the heat comes back and settles in for the duration. Ah, weather. So Canadian of me to talk about it.

May you live with ease.


  1. Happy Mother's day! Sounds like you were busy out and about! No one around here even knows what an ATC is! Geesh!

  2. Beautiful art - sounds like you had a busy, but fun day. As for the weird weather, it's the same here - wet and cooler, punctuated with bouts of sunshine.

  3. Yay! You're joining us in June for ATC night? The theme is Italy, and I'm stumped. And you're right about the weather -- I'm freezing today -- and tomorrow it will be 80. Grumble grumble. I have to cover my garden, because we might have frost tonight.... yes, I'm very Canadian. I'm OBSESSED with the weather.


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