Saturday, April 21, 2007

Have a happy weekend

Our summer-like weather continues. It's a known fact that spring here lasts a day; we go from winter to summer just like that! Naturally this is the weekend I have to do a rush translation. Naturally.

But my work table is paid out with the bones of several pieces, which gives me a sense of organization, knowing what I'll be making!

I found my blender pen and tested it out to see if it was still working and hadn't dried up. It did a pretty good job of transferring this photo, which I love.

Back to the sweat shop, um, I mean atelier... Cough!


  1. Hi darling,watermellon is cold and doing a old southern standerd,having champain with it,also fresh blackberrys,chocolate and strawberrys,Come on over and sat a spell.

  2. Good luck with the translation! Hope you don't have to work ALL weekend!

  3. LOVE this piece, what is this blender pen you speak of???
    So sorry you're having to work - I hope you're getting time to get to those pieces waiting to be made as well.
    We're having cool temps and rain...right now any day is a guess as to the weather...yet it does seem to be less desirable come the weekends lately. go figure.

  4. Glad the weather has warmed up for you. Must be nice to be defrosting after your long winter!


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