Thursday, April 19, 2007

A beautiful day!

(if I hadn't traded this ATC a couple of years ago, it would have gone to my friend Jenny in Kansas ;)

Today the sky was a deep seamless blue, the sun was warm, the cafés had their tables on the sidewalk, and the general mood was lighter. Finally....spring! My sleep cycle is almost back to normal. I had no trouble getting to sleep last night, something that's been plaguing me since that phoney "spring forward" thing.

Other good things: The mail carrier delivered a box of bird-related treasures from Georgia, the giveaway I won from Cindy of
  • Plum Tree Antiques. The photo on her blog was great, but to actually have them in my hot little hands......!
  • Also in the mail, my tax return from the accountant with the magic word: REFUND. I mailed it to Ottawa right away, baybee! It's all a bit silly though; come June 15, I'll have to give most of it back in the form of a quarterly tax payment. But at least I didn't owe anything.

    And that makes three good things, doesn't it!


    1. What a bright and happy Friday! :) Yes...I love love the ATC! The chubby little bluebird was meant for that spot. Cindy's sweet giveaway was perfect for you. And tax refunds are always a nice thing! Have a lovely weekend Colette! xxxoooloveto you.

    2. Glad to hear you are sleeping better, I think the warmer weather makes us relax, instead of the cold tense sleepless feeling. Get out and enjoy the weather, sounds like next week will be back to mid teens.

    3. Hi darling,just visting with my children who are in for the week end.Hve a great night darling.will post your piece I got framed in a few days.bubba made the frame when he was 15.

    4. Hooray for all the good things in your life! xo

    5. What a lovely positive post! Glad you had such a good day. And that little blue bird is gorgeous too..


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