Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's the weekend -- again

I am so appreciative of all the uplifting comments on yesterday' s post, and I thank all of you! While I am sensitive to attacks on my person, I'm somewhat impervious to attacks on two things: my writing and my art. I have enough judgment to know what is good and what is not, what to put out there and what to hold back, and hold myself to high standards. So yesterday's little shock really only lasted as long as it took me to delete that person's presence from my email box and my eBay account.

Have a happy weekend, my friends!


  1. Hello, just flying in to say thanks for visiting me and my Kookie-Birds.

    Love seeing your textile creations, will look in again.

  2. Love this photo composition and the delicately colored bird in the corner compliments the pale aqua of one of the books.

  3. Lovely photo Colette!
    And I am very please you didn't put any energy into that horrible person. So glad you have faith in your art and writing. As I definitely do too.

  4. love this jar of lavender!

  5. OK, I missed all the hubbub with guests here. But that's a lovely photo. And I'm glad you sorted out that person! xo


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