Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A bouquet for you

If you were here, you would hear delighted laughter and the clapping of hands. And I would wrap you all in a tremendous affection, my blogland friends.

I've written before that my goal is to become a full-time artist. I don't seek fame and fortune: If I did, there would be no time to make art!!! And anyway, I just don't have the ego. A lot of the generous encouragement I get comes from right here, from you. It means such a lot to me. You not only encourage me, you propel me towards my goal, you make my hard work worthwhile in so many ways, through your words -- and your actions (you know who you are xoxo).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



  1. Oh, no it is we who should thank you for sharing your gift with us! xo (But please think about getting Typepad or Wordpress - Blogger is just too rife with problems and your images aren't showing).

  2. I couldn't get on blogger myself today. I'm going to check out wordpress.



  3. A worthy goal! And you're just the woman to do it!

  4. You ROCK Colette! xxxooo :)

  5. I would say you've reached your goal of being an artist. Your work is very original, you use things in such a creative way, and your work is always beautiful. It's a delight to visit here and see what you've done.

  6. i agree. we should be thanking you for all you share and how you inspire. i have made it a habit lately to check in and see what cool thing you have been up to, i even find myself thinking as i am clicking on the link, i hope she hasn't had another headache, i hope all is well! that is how attached i am getting to visiting your beautiful creative world. :) colette, you have a gift, a wonderful gift and i just know good things are coming your way-like being an artist full time. not only am i inspired by your art, but by your words and kindness. you deserve all the best!

  7. That is so pretty, soft and peaceful

  8. Colette - I agree with everyone else here. It is WE who should be thanking you. Thanking you for sharing such beautiful art and making creations that touch the soul and please the eye. This piece is absolutely beautiful.

    You are a very talented artist and bring so much joy to this world.


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