Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday's child

Rain, wind, headache. But that won't stop me!
Having done all my household chores yesterday (can you see the halo over my head?), I have to go downtown to meet with a colleague, do a post office run, then go to Chinatown for some supplies.
This is just one area of the studio; it looks tidier than it is, and let me assure you it's hard to work on a surface covered with on photo for a larger mess.

Meanwhile I have listed more items on eBay; this one has a background fabric I love, courtesy of the Lovely Lisa Oceandreamer.

Lisa also sent me this birdie that stole my heart; I placed him in his own little nest.


  1. Trust me...that is not a mess!ha... I love the birdie,,she/he looks right at home in her new nest! and the fabric collage!

  2. I love your space! It has control and excitement and that is good. Mine looks like a tornado went through it. ;) The birdie is very sweet. I love the "dreamy" colors of the feathers.

  3. If that is a mess then mine could be declared a disaster area. I haven't had a chance to do much art lately but even if I do I'd have to eek out a space to work right now.
    I am so happy to see the fabric being used and the happy birdie in its new wee nest!!

  4. are you really a Friday's child? me - Wednesdays child - full of woe - truly!
    your work space looks like fun - isn't it amazing though how we make such a mess and end up in a little space that usually creates the best art!
    love always sweet Colette xoxo

  5. I think your workspace doesn't look too messy at all! It looks like a place where a lot of creating goes on tis all!

    Love the little bird Lisa gave you.

    And the little quiltie you made.

    Your art is full of images of home, nurturing and a simple (and profound) appreciation of life.

    Just beautiful!

  6. I love your workspace!!! It gives me hope - you make such beautiful things surrounded by piles, and I am surrounded by piles.

    That little birdieis lovely!


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