Thursday, November 30, 2006


Midway between the household chores, which have gone neglected for far too long, I'm taking a coffee break.

Yesterday I received a huge box of fabric and other goodies from Lisa (oceandreamer), and today, having gotten over gasping at her generosity, I'm sorting the fabrics out into little piles, a little like "filing" because I'm having to organize all my fabrics so that the sewing work station can be less chaotic. I made a quiltie last night for her ;-)

After my chores, I have to go downtown to pick up a few things, then back home, answer some overdue emails, and go back to some collage work. My friend Sharon in Toronto (who makes fantastic jewelry) has this crazy idea that my work space is tidy; I thought of taking a photo of my work table, but even I balked.


  1. You're so funny, Colette - "...I thought of taking a photo of my work table, but even I balked." :) Everyone's working space is a little messy, so don't worry. That just means you're too creative to bother with mundane things. xo

  2. It always interests me how other artist's workspaces look...'cause I can guaranty that my space is the WORST mess ever! IT IS FRIGHTENING!

  3. I'm having my morning coffee before getting out of here to work, and go to your blog and see you are having a cup of coffee too.

    Enjoy your day and your new goodies!

  4. That is so sweet of Lisa to send you some fabrics and goodies...It would be fun to see all these great artist workspaces on their blogs ( including yours) I would worry if the space was really neat and organized. Creativity and mess go hand in hand I think. Have a lovely weekend! xxxooo


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