Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What do you do when you wake up to a misty, wet day? First you get happy because you don't have to go anywhere. Then you throw on your comfy at-home clothes and wander around doing things. And making things. I am slowly listing on eBay again because there seems to be a little more energy over there. I also listed my faery girl (see two posts ago) on etsy.

The mail arrived but something I've been waiting for still didn't arrive. So I called the place, somewhere outside the Metro area. A very nice woman said she would check. She came back a few minutes later and muttered: "Men!" I laughed in sympathy. The guy who takes all the packages to the Post Office didn't mail mine, it was still in the bottom of his bag....since October 27 when I placed the order and it was supposed to go out in the mail. I expressed concern because I need the stuff I ordered for my artwork, but I joked about it with her -- what else can you do?-- and she said she would make sure on her way out this evening that the deed was done.

Time for a coffee break.


  1. This is so great! Nice quote. I hadn't read it before. (I'm not sure how that happened.) I'm glad the things you need are on their way to you. (Men, indeed). I hope the energy remains up over at Ebay.

  2. I do love your collages!and everything else too! It rained here all day! I only went out to walk the dogs! I tried to sttraighten my messy house and organize my art roomm. yeah...

  3. sounds like a great day to me! even the call...sounds like you acoomplished something with the call. LOVE the quiltie. gorgeous work as usual!


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