Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gratitude Tuesday

I try to practise gratitude every day. There's always something to be thankful for, and to quote Tammy (the courageous warrior), "every day is a gift, even the bad ones."

Today, among other things, my deepest gratitude is for Tina in Sydney (Australia). She makes the years of being nickel-and-dimed for my artwork worthwhile. She has supported me for a long time now, not just by collecting my art, but with her encouragement and her emails that I keep and read when I need that jolt to continue following my heart in what I create, when my self-confidence is low. Tina, if you see this, I want to tell you that your etsy purchase today brought a lump to my throat. Bless you always.

And all of you here, I give thanks for you too. You help keep this artist afloat. I came late to art, but it is my vocation and this is why I do it, even though I could go and get a full-time job and salary. But I can't do that, it would deaden me and I would be miserable. So I freelance while building up my little art business.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



  1. What a lovely picture.
    Reminds me of the work of a rather
    radical Chinese artist I know.
    Sold on the streets of NYC's Chinatown, they always include subversive messages.

  2. Colette, I feel grateful for you. You probably don't even realize how coming to your blog every day has encouraged me and made me grateful to be freelancing also and putting up some art here and there. Your success with it always makes me feel more enthusiastic about doing it and so I write more and sell more articles.

    I guess the encouragement kind of goes in a big circle, from one person to the next to the next... as it should. :)

  3. oh, she bought the gorgeous faery girl - I was going to buy that but had to pay for my dentistry this week. oh well :( - I guess it didn't have my name on it.
    Colette, each day I am thankful that you commented on my blog ages ago, supporting me being a hedgewitch. much love always, Robyn
    ps- don't go and get a full time job unless you are a starving artist in an attic - although, I would be willing to send you a hamper xoxo

  4. Good luck at your Christmas fair too! We should check it when we are all finished to see if we managed to sell anything! Thanks for the reminder by the way...I, too, have a lot to be grateful for!

  5. I am grateful for you. For your special heart and how you share your art.

    I am so pleased you have many people who love your art as I do. I know Tina has been a long time fan of your work.

    Every day I come here and find inspiration through your words and your art. Knowing you has opened up my world in many ways and my art has grown through knowing you too (remember the old days of stickers and glitter pen ? he heh).

    I love you talented friend of mine.

    Dotee xoxo

  6. Colette you create beautiful art, from your heart - what could be better than that? You enrich us all with your talents. xo

  7. it's important to follow our hearts, so we can stay in balance.


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