Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tired but happy

I am more than tired; wiped out comes to mind. I now have the greatest admiration for people who sell at fairs regularly. Even though I had a lot of fun, made some really nice new friends, and even sold a bunch of stuff, when I got home I collapsed with exhaustion.

Thank you Carmi, and all the gang, for such a wonderful experience. I want to do it again!

Meanwhile, I updated my etsy shop and eBay listings (two of which are showing the wrong photos in the general listings but showing the accurate ones in the individual listings -- even though I have cheched and rechecked).

I am gratified that I am popular in Kansas!! My sister, who lived all over the U.S. because of her husband's career, says that her favorite place to live was in Oveland Park, Kansas. So beautifully "circular," don't you think? Especially if you factor in farmeress, Irish and French connections, and birthdays--my Kansas Rose, Jenny, I'm so grateful to you. xoxo


  1. I am glad it was a great event for you and now you can have the best sleep full of magical dreams!

    darling piece of art, so very you!!

  2. Another great piece. I've been looking forward all weekend to hearing about the fair. I'm so happy that it went well! Rest now. :)

  3. Colette, am so glad the fair was a positive experience for you! Now get some well-deserved rest. Oh and please do make a side-trip to Paris when you come to Ireland! xo

  4. P.S. Forgot to say wonderful piece of art, with the best sentiments -peace and plenty! xo

  5. Thank you for making the Holly Jolly such a memorable experience! I have my pennant hanging beside my bed, and my dolly and quiltie there too. Here's to the start of a wonderful, art-filled friendship!

  6. I know EXACTLY what you mean about being exhausted after a show. I always say I am both estatic and exhausted. I am in such a full blown out throttle up to the time, and then.....afterwards, I don't know what to do with all that time? Isn't there another show...or something? Glad to connect to you thru Dawn Hauser's Blog....

  7. Have been thinking about you all weekend and wondering how the fair went! Glad you sold a bunch of stuff there (knew you would) .

    And can understand why you came home pooped!

    Very glad you have met some artists in your area. Am sure this is the start of some special friendships for you.


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