Monday, November 27, 2006

Disappearing objects

C'est le bordel chez moi! (My place is a mess). I have reached the end of my tether, and this place is going to get such a decluttering and tidying that it won't know what hit it! I need SPACE.

How did I get to this point? Disappearing objects of my affection. Two errant paintbrushes that I needed. Now. This minute. I checked my brush holder, looked under everything, checked by the kitchen sink (because I clean my brushes as soon as I'd done using them; they are quality, expensive ones that I take very good care of and have lasted for years). Nothing. I muttered some oaths, and finally I stopped looking. I had to conserve my energy to deal with putting out other little fires.

And that's when I saw them....


  1. OK, that's a little worrying when you lose your paintbrushes on the stove. That means either you need to clear more space or need some rest after your busy weekend and preceding week! xo

  2. hhm - were you thinking of cooking them for breakfast? :) and look at your little coffee maker on the stove top - I want one of those! do they work well?
    ps - I sent my little birdies off yesterday - bearing a gift for you xoxo

  3. Oh, this is funny Colette! And I can so relate to your post.

    I need to declutter too.

    Very glad you found your brushes :)

  4. St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost objects....he is very popular here...I pray to him and ask him to help find things...and YES he does help! Maybe you can invoke his help next time. ;) xxxooo

  5. honey, i am doing this uncluttering today & trying to meet another i am feeling for you.
    perhaps, you were stirring your coffee with these brushes?

  6. You're all so funny! thank goodness.

    I wasn't stirring coffee (I take mine black, no sugar, something you should know in case I drop in on you), I didn't fancy them for breakfast either (Robyn, the Italian stovetop espresso maker has been around for 100 years, it's classic, makes great coffee).

    Tara had it right: lack of space, kitchen counters were covered with stuff on that particular day, I cleaned the brushes and didn't know where to put them, so they went on the stove.

    Next time I'll pray to St. Anthony.

  7. Your French expression made me laugh!! Bordel!! I love when the French describe their disrayed homes as bordels!!

    Something evocative in that word!!


  8. Ha! As Tim says to me sometimes..."you funny lady." hehehe


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