Saturday, November 04, 2006

"The Emperor of China sent it to me"

In the film, Marie-Antoinette, there is a scene in which she offers a cup of tea to her private shopper. She plops this thing into a cup of hot water and it blooms into a flower. Jasmine tea. "The Emperor of China sent it to me," she explains.

Well, I came across it today at Dinah's Cupboard where I buy my coffee beans. I couldn't believe my eyes. What's more, the store people were completely unaware of this tea's appearance in the film. After I explained, they're all going to see it.

Naturally, I chose the True Love/Le Grand Amour one -- it makes one pint of tea.


In other news, my sweet sister sent me a birdie, just for me. It's hanging on the wall but it's too dark to take a proper picture, so it will have to wait.


To Tara (ParisParfait) who asked about cabinet cards: They are Victorian-era photographs, on cardboard, with the back showing the photographer's name, sometimes address, always city and state, in ornate script. The smaller ones are called Cartes de Visite, more commonly known as CDV.


  1. flower teas are pretty, funny how they are just now becoming "main stream'. Theres a teahouse in china town you can sit and sip & buy many tea. You can get them online too if you have no chinatown around

  2. How fun, Colette. I bet the folks in the coffee shop were really glad to hear that background.

    Can't wait to see the birdie from your sister.

  3. that tea sounds like a cup of magic, I will have to see if it can be found here in CA. I adore the picture with the tea cup. Love your collages as always Colette, I got here too late for the drawing however! :( I just love the image!

  4. Oooooh... I loved that scene in the movie. Now I'll have to go and buy some of this tea. How lovely. My favorite quote in the film was when someone was describe Marie Antoinette and said, She looks like a little piece of cake. I thought that was such a sweet way to describe someone. I really loved that movie!!!

  5. Ah yes..Jasmine tea! It smells as lovely as it looks! Your ATCs are darling! I cannot believe Christmas is so near! I HAD to buy 2 new ornaments today...because Noel is everywhere now!!!

  6. Lovely story about the tea! And thanks for the explanation about cabinet cards.

  7. lovely tea cup! thanks for stopping by the blog and seeing a peek at the show!

  8. I loved that line in the movie too! My all your tea be moments of pure joy!


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