Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Afternoon at the movies

I went to see Marie Antoinette. It brought back memories of a school trip to Versailles. I want to get some silk and make those sumptious necklets. Visually it was wonderful. But I didn't appreciate some of the background music, rock, punk rock -- it was jarring and I found it distracting. Poor Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette-- it was Louis XV who paved the way for the Revolution. (Yes, this also brought back memories of history classes in school.)

It was another mild day. Perfect weather for me -- not hot, not cold. Nicely balanced.


  1. Fantastic collage, Colette! The film was widely panned here, probably because there were few French actors. But the costumes did win some admirers.

  2. Beautiful Colette. I saw the other one on Ebay and love it also. Our weather was the same as yours and is supposed to be again today. Perfect for me, too.

    I haven't seen the movie yet. I'll probably end up renting it as always. lol

  3. This is beautiful Colette. Am glad the movie was visually pleasing. A bit of a shame about the sound track though!!!

    Glad the weather is mild there. We have a cold day today, with lots of badly needed Spring rain!

    Dotee xoxo

  4. Hello Colette, I live in the south of france and I rarely find a treasure in the flea markets! If I do they are super expensive, my pickings were always richer in good ol blighty... still we do have beach weather here for nov 2nd..


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