Monday, July 24, 2006

Quilties with messages

This is for Kansas Rose

This one is for Sandy, Cat, and all the talented embroidery artists out there.


  1. Ah, yes - buy the shoes! Terrific! xo

  2. my eldest daughter would love this. She puts Imelda Marcos to shame! I need to get my creativity going again. I am a quilter and embroiderer - have been for years but I burnt out making THE wedding quilt last year(pics on flikr) and I haven't sewn since then. thanks for the inspiration xoxo

  3. Oh this speaks to my shoe loving soul! How did you know I love these kinds of shoes and fabrics? You are magical Colette! xxxooo ;)

  4. laughing.

    Remeber that day you bought the pretty blue shoes you posted ?

    I like this motto.


    Which reminds me ! I am now certain I will indeed buy the CROCS in Pink if I can find them - thank you for this Sage Advise !

    ps. great quilt as usual ! you are on a roll with the quilts ! (clapping)

  5. Hey! Now this is the most original unique way of putting buttons on a quiltie that I've ever seen! I love your creative mind!

    THANK YOU ! ! !

  6. What a dope

    The other day when I visited I did not even SEE that you have written a dedication on this quilt !!!

    MArrrrvelous Darling ! Your talent truly inspires and I love this Ode To Embroidery Artists !


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