Thursday, July 27, 2006

Embroidery meditation

Sewing and embroidery is very soothing. I've also been making my own velvet flowers. Very very soothing.


  1. I find sewing is like meditating and I agree it is very soothing. I love the braid at the top and the velvet flowers are so cute. I found a gorgeous gypsy bag on the net with instructions on how to make velvet flowers.
    (ps I have a new identity but no new blog as yet - but you will be one of the first to know!) xox

  2. I'm happy and relieved to see you here.


  3. I've always called my hand sewing "my therapy". Works great.

    This is a great piece, the velvet flower is fantastic.

  4. I agree that embroidery can be very zen-like and calming. This piece is beautiful!

  5. oh this is so pretty...

    And you MADE the flower ?

    Love that ! Cute pins all by themselves even (And on your cute tag cards !)

    This bird is so sweet.
    Your stitches very FINE !

  6. Yes true if one can stitch it can be prayerful, though since I am not such the gifted type, stitches only cause me to becoming aware of my frustration ;)AT LEAST I have yours site to soothe me and show me the beauty of such ways!!

  7. I agree with you Colette. I find hand sewing very soothing. There is something lovely about holding fabric in your hand and creating.
    Love the velvet flowers!


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