Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ciao Italia

So Italy won the World Cup.


My soccer necklace obviously had magic in it.

I'm sorry France lost, but the soccer expert in my family says they don't play as well as they think they do. Better luck next time.


  1. magic? did you mention magic? hmm anything with magic in it is sure to work! I cannot wait to receive my ebay win! ooh and I will watch just incase you make a witchy one hee hee..

  2. your soccer expert is correct, the best team always wins!!!

  3. Glad where I live they didn't make too much of a row !!!! I much prefer rugby................more manly for me all those hunky men ... dirty and sweaty !!!!!

    I was hoping an under dog team would win the world cup for once...never mind hopefully next time

    ciao jo in Italy

  4. oh yes definetly ! I'm so happy that Italy won, here in France everyone was already talking has if they had won it again already ....too bad for them !!!


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