Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Because Tara asked...

My novels are available at Café Press. They do a quality job, I'm happy to say.

The Ripening of Zoe Spice (Genre: Dramedy & Humorous Fiction Paperback: 204 pages
Description: A tale of two islands, a family that sees life through food, eccentrics, a ghost, and the search for a secret ingredient that will lead to culinary fame
) is available from

Magazine Street (Description: Set in New Orleans; a novel about magazines, relationships, bad writing, and poisoned coffee....) is available from http://www.cafepress.com/pomegranate

I do have a spare copy of each one that can be ordered directly from me, however.



  1. I will give an unbiased opinion that Magazine street is a VERY enjoyable read. I dont' read fiction at all anymore, but I started this and could NOT set it down, I stayed up half the night to finish it. THIS should been published on a big scale, and who knows-it may be one day! It would make a great movie. For anyone who hasn't done so, you should read it.

  2. OK, Colette, please, please, please can I buy a signed copy directly from you??!!

  3. And I mean a copy of both books! Thank you, you clever, talented wonder woman, you! Tara xo


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