Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ornithology, the Movie

Presenting Starlet O'Hara.
(Birds want to be movie stars too.)


  1. Will she be in the Peep Show ?

    ENough nonsense I know !

    I guess it is Wednesday and I am ... slap happy ?

    I see vintage wallpaper ? and pastels ? or is that paint on her side and belly ?

    She is fun with that big eye staring at me...and a star over head. Very interesting bird indeed.... Alot going on in her little bird head.

    Just lovely. But of course !

  2. "Tomorrow IS anoth-uh day"

    (couldn't resist! there ! I said it !)

  3. "I'll think about it tomorrow"


  4. I love Starlett! She has attitude! Your collage is beautiful! LOVE LOVE it!

  5. Oh Colette, I love ' Starlet O'Hara'. Your bird art is always beautiful and this one is so quirky too.


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