Monday, August 22, 2016

I found my long-lost soft pastels. Of course I had to play with them.  In my opinion, they are so much more forgiving than oil pastels. The only drawback is their chalkiness, and I'm loath to use a fixative because it can muddy the colors, or at least, alter them.

Do you have any thoughts on fixatives?

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  1. i have heard that hair spray is used as a fixative.if you even have some ... i like the red haired lady in green cap!

  2. Have fun with your soft pastels! I am not a fan of fixatives for pastel paintings. Fixatives flatten the pastels and darken the image. For unframed storage, you can put your painting in an acid-free plastic bag or beneath a sheet of glassine paper.

    1. Merci, Jude, for the advice. You are, after all the pastel expert. I am always in awe of your gorgeous pastel paintings.


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