Monday, July 13, 2015

I had a little scare last night, which continued today -- I couldn't access Blogger or my blog or anyone else's blog. So I spent hours checking everything but nothing worked. I could access some websites but not Blogger and a few others like Google and the public library. So I called my Internet provider. They diagnosed the problem as something wrong with my browser. So I followed their advice and uninstalled my browser and installed an updated version. It didn't work.Try loading Chrome, they said. But I couldn't access Google or any chrome links -- they just kept timing out. I shut down and restarted my laptop several times. No dice.

So I tried to get on Staples' website to get their phone number and ask about tech support.... but their website wouldn't load.

So I went old school.
I checked the telephone directory, you know, the big fat book made of paper, and got their number. Their tech was available so I grabbed my laptop and walked down to the store. They ran a diagnostic and the problem was not the browser, it was the Internet connection. 

So I went old school.
I unplugged the modem, let it cool off, and plugged it in again.
Problem solved.

Then my Internet provider asked to to fill a form to let them know "how they did". I very nicely told them that they needed less guesswork and more actual tech knowledge.

I hope you had a much less frustrating day, and when all else fails, unplug the %$#@ modem!


Simplicity is the removal of the useless and the unnecessary--source unknown


  1. artist are very good at problem solving! we do it to ourselves with almost every new project. each decision sets us up for the next solution.
    I am glad you are back online it would be so drab to lose our blog pals and shared art and the predicaments we can get ourselves into!

  2. I used to be afraid of unplugging the modem. But I've got used to it now. It usually gets rid of the 'gremlins'.

  3. Yup-I do this periodically, and it solves all the problems. better than talking to a techie!


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