Friday, October 25, 2013

I have little patience with artist's/writer's block and the agonizing that goes with it; it may sound glamorous, but it's not. It is merely a euphemism for "I need a break". If the well is empty, fill it with something else. I take breaks when I need them, which is why I can keep returning to my work table in a positive mood. I don't believe in "muses" either. I believe in myself. (You are your own muse!)

I've been dreaming about an orange bird squawking.....

Simplicity is the removal of the useless and the unnecessary--source unknown


  1. I agree with you and I think that shows in your work.It look beautifully spontaneous..

  2. Love your message and your squawking bird!! xoxo

  3. I wanted to >groan< in agreement with the agony of artists' block...ugh-I have resorted to cleaning, raking, walking-anything to give my head a break.....
    I do love your bird!

  4. Colette, you are so talented and creative that it's hard to imagine that artist block can come to you. But I know it happens to everyone. I like to look at other artist's work (yourself included), listen to some new music (NPR music always has something new and unique), go for a drive in the desert, look at some books on new artful techniques to get myself moving again. Sometime it works, and other time it's only a sign that I need a break. Maybe even a coffee break with a friend. :-) Hugs to you!!


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