Friday, October 04, 2013

Birthday giveaway

 Last night, a headache started crawling into my head, a sure sign of rain, and as I was falling asleep, sure enough it began raining. My last thought as I drifted away was "good. The headache will lift." This morning, headache was still there. It's not raining, but it's grey and damp.

Barometric headaches are not fun.

Anyway..... Tomorrow is my birthday. I don't count anymore but it's nice to have a special day that's all your own once a year. So I'm doing a giveaway: a set of postcards from my own artwork. Leave a comment to enter the giveaway and a name will be picked on Sunday midnight.


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  1. Colette, really love your blog and the watercolors are my favorites.
    I hope you have a great birthday.

  2. Have a lovely birthday, mine was yesteray. Love your watercolors.Those post cards are lovely.

  3. Colette, bonne anniversaire!!!!!!!! I wished I lived close, or you lived close to me (lovely weather here right now). I'd take you out for cake and coffee.

  4. love the poppy cards - so cute! Happy bday :) Hope it is a good one

  5. A very happy birthday to you Colette enjoy your special time with some nice treats
    Lynn xx

  6. Happy Birthday Colette! I do hope you are feeling better~ I remember I am 5/10 and you are 10/05 :D

    Oh your cards are so sweet~ Hope you have a fabulous day!

  7. First of all: Happy Birthday!

    I'm new here and I really enjoyed your blog!

    Ciao dall'Italia

  8. Happy Birthday Colette ! Have a wonderful day xxxx

  9. Thanks for the opportunity Colette
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  10. Happy birthday! I am an October child too! Hope you are feeling better....:(
    Love, Debra

  11. Anonymous7:40 p.m.

    Ms Colette! Happy anniversary of the day you arrived... it's still a special day. We can have tea parties with tiny cakes in our blanket fort!

  12. Shame about the headache. Such a generous giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Happy Birthday Colette,
    I have been a fan for many years and wish you all the best.


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