Monday, July 01, 2013 giveaway is a website where an impressive array of arts and crafts are taught online by experienced instructors, from fine art to sewing, quilting, embroidery, cake making, cooking, knitting, jewelry, papercraft, spinning.... you name it, they teach it.
      When I was offered an opportunity to take and review an art course, I jumped at the chance. I’d watched video demonstrations before but had never taken an actual art class. Since I’m also a painter, I opted for a fine art course and the one that caught my eye was in narrative portraiture in acrylics by New York artist and art instructor Micah Ganske. Narrative painting is about creating a whole scene with a story, a mood, working from a photo. I’ve been painting in acrylics for decades and am always open to learning about techniques, and this course gave me exactly what I was looking for, particularly glazing and building layers, subjects that I really wanted to learn. (Glaze medium is used instead of water to thin the paint and layers are applied for an oil painting effect.)
     Ganske's explanations and demonstrations throughout the 8 lessons are wonderfully clear and to the point (kudos also to the videographer). I tend to be impatient with instructors who talk more than they demonstrate, and I was not disappointed. Working from a photo, he explains and demonstrates the painting step by step, stroke by stroke. I came away with a number things demystified and a wealth of information.

  I'm very happy to join in offering a giveaway to my readers. The winner will get a free class in her/his subject of choice. You can watch classes whenever you want, in your own time, ask questions as you work, and get an answer from the instructor. You have a week to enter; the giveaway ends next Monday.

 Click here to enter. And good luck!


  1. What a great post! I'm off to check out their site, and I'm sure there will be more collaborations for you in the future. xo

  2. What a wonderful offering!
    Thank you for the chance


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