Sunday, March 10, 2013

 Stencils. I'm not keen on them, just a personal taste. However, when I saw this small sheet of letters, I could see the potential for me, especially as I liked the style. I was fooling around with this painting on wood and the wide expanse of skirt was perfect for a try-out.

[Stencil by Julie Balzer] SOLD

 Simplicity is the removal of the useless and the unnecessary--source unknown


  1. We have a wonderful painting on wood which is the same colour scheme as your own. I must photograph it for you. I really like what you have done here Colette.
    Lynn x

  2. All stencils are not created equal.... this one is a winner, and I love what you made with it! That piece will get picked up in a flash! xo

  3. Colette,
    I too am a stencil snob;) for years, I painted walls...retail, residential...all of it. I insisted on designing and making all of my stencils. Hard work for sure. Then, little by little, companies started coming out with remarkable stencils. Stencils that we can't pass up! Your dress is perfect with her letters. Good thing you gave it a chance!
    Love your blog and etsy shop.
    Love your variety...and following you from Texas:)

  4. Love it!! Thanks for using our stencils!! -Jaime

  5. Dress is so sweet! Anything with dresses and words speaks to me


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