Friday, March 22, 2013

I noticed that I now have 450 followers. I know they come and go, but 450 is a nice round number. So, I thought, why not have a giveaway. Just leave me a comment telling me what you're happy about today, and be sure I can reach you after the draw; the draw will be on Sunday.



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  1. What a beautiful giveaway!
    Congratulations on reaching 450 followers, I'm not surprised you have so many.
    Believe it or not waking up to the snow didn't make me feel very happy this morning but driving home in it tonight it did as I knew it would still be around tomorrow and we can go for a walk in it!

  2. I am happy that my father is still with us! my heart is happy for that!

  3. I'm happy that I had a delicious homemade Indonesian dinner by my mother today. The snow was beautiful and I was very inspired to do some stitching today.
    Such a nice blue around the bird design.

  4. Congratulations on such a loyal following! I'm grateful for some very dear friends who have been so supportive of me, especially lately.

  5. Thoughts of returning home are what's making me happy today.Cheers dear. so

  6. Anonymous12:06 a.m.

    I am happy I have good friends like you!! your old friend from San Diego, Joy

  7. You have a gift for birds! I happen to have one posted today myself.

  8. Congratulations on reaching 450 followers.
    Beautiful giveaway!

  9. What a wonderful gve away. Today I am just happy to be able to create and apreciate ar.t

  10. Lovely!!! I had a wonderful time today with my sister at an art festival ... lots of laughter, story telling and good art! Thanks for the chance!

  11. Hi Colette: I'm happy today because I have a wonderful little dog sleeping closely by and I'm drinking the best cup of decaf coffee I've had, ever. It's called The Velvet Hammer from The Coffee Fool. Thanks.


  12. I am happy for spring birds that sing even when it's gray and cold. They cheer me up!

  13. I am happy today because the snow has gone and I can be in my workroom as it is a sunday.I love your birds.

  14. I am happy my family is close by today and celebrations are in order! Your giveaway is lovely, reminds me of the promise of Spring.


  15. Laurie3:24 p.m.

    Oh Colette,
    I am so excited-we have a bluebird couple who have built a nest in a box we put up. I thought they had left only to see both of them out near it today. Spring is definitely here.

  16. Anonymous8:26 p.m.

    I am happy today because I managed to get out of bed and move around. Any day you can do that is a bonus indeed. I so admire your work. I have been lurking here on your site for a long time.
    Fay faybeechatcomcastdotcom


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